Client wedding information

I want my clients to be as informed as possible when planning their wedding day, so I have put together this little page which will help with planning things like timings, group photos, learning how I photograph various aspects of your wedding day, and what I might need from you to help me capture it the best I can.

I highly recommend you bookmark this page so you can come back to it whenever you like, and of course if you have any questions, just drop me a line!



Engagement shoot

If you’ve booked in a full day with me, you’re entitled to an hour’s complimentary engagement shoot within or up to an hour’s travel from London. I also do engagement shoots further for a small fee that covers my travel and extra time. E-shoots are useful because we can get to know each other over an informal setting, and I can assess how you interact as a couple. It’s a great chance for you to experience how I will work with you on the day, all my couples tell me after their e-shoot that they were much more confident having their photo taken on their wedding day, because they already knew what to expect! It’s basically an all round great time for us to hang out, interact, and ensure that I am not a total stranger to you both when the big day comes. Of course, if there’s time for a cake or a pint, we can slip that in too!

During my peak wedding season (May – September) I rarely have weekend availability for engagement shoots, however I have plenty of availability weekdays –  in fact I always suggest weekday evenings during the summer months, simply because I think summer evening light is gorgeous! In early spring, late autumn and winter I have more weekend slots free.

You can view some sample engagement shoots here, and read my engagement shoot guide here.

couple looking at each other in sunlight at london olympic park engagement shoot

Before the wedding

After booking I send out an online questionnaire about your wedding day. It is quite detailed, as I like to have as much information as possible –  so I know to be in the right place at the right time, and capture any additional special moments that you might have listed. I don’t expect it to be completed until 30 days before your wedding date, but I think it’s useful to help you plan your day, so I send it out early.

It allows me to assess all the timings allocated for each part of your wedding day photography. I can then come back to you if I feel any timings might be too tight or inadequate for me to capture everything you’d like, or if I have any further questions on anything else.

There’s also space in there for you to fill in your group photos list, generally I will take this list and rearrange it to the order I think will be most time efficient, and send it back to you to double check. I will also have copies of this list on me on the day, and you should make sure your nominated helpers also have copies of this list (and that they know they are the nominated helpers!)

Two weeks before the wedding

Once I’ve received your questionnaire back, assessed all timings and checked everything is good to go, I will give you a final call or email to go through the day once more, and double check anything I need to. Also just to chat and see how you’re doing!


The Big Day – getting ready

I’ll be with you from the start time listed in your questionnaire – if you’ve booked me for some getting ready photos, I will begin a maximum of two hours prior to ceremony to cover prep, and photograph any wedding attire like dresses / suits, jewellery, shoes, etc. I usually ask for some help from you to make photographing the morning prep photos run as smooth as possible.

mount stuart wedding photography bride's crown

To get the best out of your getting ready photos, I ask that if possible, any clutter in the areas you’ll be using is removed – ask a bridesmaid to do a quick five minute tidy up and job done! It means that little things like empty water bottles or used tissues don’t end up in the backround of otherwise beautiful images!

I like to photograph all the little details – the dress hung up, your fancy shoes, some new sparkles. To make this quick and efficient for me, I ask that a member of the wedding party be tasked with collecting all the items that you’d like photographed prior to my arrival, and have them ready in one place. This makes it very quick for me to grab an item, pop it somewhere nice, photograph it, return it, and then move on to the next item. By keeping them all in once place, it also makes things quicker for you when the time comes to get ready – no last minute hunting for your shoes!

sarah ann wright wedding dress

If you have a preference over when you’d like me to start shooting prep (e.g after foundation is applied, after hair is done etc), please let me know. I know not everyone is comfortable having their photo taken at such a busy time, so I am always happy to start from whatever point you are comfortable. This is also true of when you get dressed – if you’d prefer me to leave the room and re-enter for your dress being zipped up, just let me know!

sarah an wright bride getting ready

If both of you are getting ready in the same place (hotel, venue, at home), I can cover a little groom /partner prep myself too, but if you want more dedicated partner prep (or they are getting ready in a different location) I can provide a second shooter for that portion of the day.

sarah ann wright groom prep

Aim to be fully dressed and ready 30 minutes before you leave – this give you buffer time should anything overrun, especially as I will need to leave before you to get wherever the ceremony is being held. Plus if you end up being ready early, it’s always a great excuse to crack out some extra champers and take a few family portraits!

Cooling Castle barn wedding photography sarah ann wright 034


The Big Day – wedding ceremony

The most important bit of the day!

To make sure I’m with your partner at the end of the aisle in adequate time, I will arrive at the ceremony about half an hour before it is due to start, which allows me time to capture guests arriving as well as saying hello to the officiant. If you’ve booked me to start from ceremony time with no morning prep, this is the time I would start.

Usually I will place myself at the front of the room, which allows for great documentary photography perspective, and means there’s minimum distraction or movement from me.

mount stuart wedding photography bride and groom exchange rings

Prior to the wedding, you should check with officiant of your ceremony to find out about any rules on photography they may have –  for example, if I have to remain in one place, if using flash is allowed, or if there are any parts of the ceremony I am not allowed to photograph. All officiants differ in their own rules and regulations –  I’ve been allowed to stand wherever I consider the best angle in ceremonies, and also been told to only stand in one place, and not photograph the vows – a few friends of mine have even been told they may not photograph the ceremony at all!  This is why it is important for you to find out beforehand if they have any rules, so there are no nasty surprises with ceremony coverage on the day. I should point out that I am always polite, quiet and respectful, I’ll pop up and introduce myself to the official prior to the ceremony, and you yourself will barely notice I’m there!

A little note on entrances – some prefer to enter first, with bridesmaids / wedding party to follow, and other prefer bridesmaids / wedding party to enter first, with person being married to follow. There’s no right or wrong way to go about it, but it may affect your photos. If you are walking down the aisle first, it can be a little more difficult to get clear images of the following party, simply because they might remain behind you, though I always do my best to nip round and get in angles if this is the case. If the bridesmaids / wedding party enter first, make sure to leave some time before you yourself walk down the aisle. This not only allows them time to position to the side before you reach the top of the aisle, it also gives the person waiting to marry you a fantastic view of you approaching them!  Some people can be nervous walking up the aisle – the best remedy to this is to relax and take calm, measured steps whilst walking. I speak as a former bridesmaid myself –  I can’t remember much about walking up the aisle as I was so nervous, but I know that if I was doing it now, I would have ignored people in the aisles looking and concentrated on my steps rather than panic and rush up the aisle. And don’t worry about everyone looking at you – you’re dressed in your finest and they all think you look fabulous!

sarah ann wright bride and groom aisle

Most officiants have strict rules on the signing of the register, in that they will not allow me to photograph you actually signing it, but will set up a “mock” one for me to photograph after. It’s always a bit cheesy getting you to hold a pen and pretend you’re writing your name when in reality you already have. On a rare few occasions I have been allowed to document the actual signing of the register, which is by far my preference, but I will be honest and say this is a rarity. Doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it though!

sarah ann wright signing of the register

If you’re having confetti as you exit the ceremony, it’s great idea to have your bridal party hand out confetti as you sign the register, or round guests up before you exit so they know where to go to get their throw on. Everyone will want to give you a congratulatory hug at this point, so have bask in it!

The Big Day – confetti

I thought I’d pop in a few notes about confetti in here because I love a good confetti shot!  Here’s a some info to help you choose confetti, though you will always need to check first if your wedding venue has any restrictions of the type allowed there. As for how much you might need – too much is always better than too little – people love grabbing a massive handful and then going back at you for more!

Tasking family members, Mums, or the bridal party with handing out confetti whilst waiting for you to sign the register or to emerge from the ceremony always helps things run smoother. I usually require the bridal party to help me arrange guests into a “tunnel” for you to walk through upon exiting the venue, so you’ll walk towards me as people get their throwing aim on.

sarah ann wright confetti photo

Confetti types:

Rice – That thing you heard about birds exploding if they ate uncooked rice? Total myth! However it can be painful getting a face full of hard rice thrown at you (as modelled by Kim and Dave)!

sarah ann wright rice confetti photo

Bubbles – These are a great idea at venues which won’t allow any other type of confetti as there’s nothing to land on the ground. Because they are kind of see through, you generally need loads of bubbles at any one time to show up nicely in photos. It’s a good idea to have a lot of blowing tubes –  traditional children’s bubble pots produce bigger and better bubbles than the smaller pots made specifically for weddings. For shedloads of super epic bubbles, consider bubble guns! (also loads of fun to be had with those at the reception)

sarah ann wright bubbles confetti

Paper – I love, love LOVE paper confetti! Out of all confetti types, I find it photographs the best because paper is lighter and therefore floats longer in the air. People really go nuts and grab massive handfuls, and It’s not painful if it hits you! I advise getting bio-degradable natural white paper confetti instead of the the coloured dyed stuff. While coloured confetti is lovely –  if it’s raining and it’s thrown at you, you don’t want it staining your dress! Because of it’s larger size, paper confetti is quite easy to remove from your clothes and hair after throwing.

oxfordshire wedding photography bride and groom in confetti

Flower petals – this is a very common type of confetti, as it’s natural and bio-degradable, which is a requirement at most venues. These range from things like dried rose petals, rose buds, lavender, almost any flower you can think of. Flower petals are slightly trickier than paper because they are heavier, and therefore fall faster in clumps. To get really good flower petal confetti photos, always encourage guests to take a huge handful – the more that is thrown, the more it will show up in photos! One thing that some couples find slightly annoying about flower petals is they tend to end up in your dress, in your hair, down your bra…so may take a while to pick out (but will leave you smelling lovely).

Wycombe Abbey wedding photography bride and groom in confetti

Confetti Cannons – These shoot out loads of confetti in a variance of strings and shapes. Basically a massive party popper, these are loads of fun, like this surprise one sprung on Emma!

sarah ann wright canon confetti


The Big Day – group photography

I always aim to make group photography as quick and stress free for you as I can. They are a fantastic legacy of you and your family that you can look back on in years to come and I so do recommend having a few.

If your ceremony and reception venue are different, it’s totally up to you whether you would like your group photos outside your ceremony venue, or once you arrive at reception. Some couples opt for reception if it has a nicer location or more space, and others opt for the ceremony venue to save time. We can always mix the both if you’d like some at the ceremony venue and some at the reception – in any cases where your group photos will be at your reception location, it’s best to make the guests featured aware they will be required prior to the big day, so they don’t wander off!

South Lodge Hotel wedding photography sarah ann wright 027

Ever been to a wedding and wondered where the bride and groom have disappeared to for the past few hours? Chances are along with their couples session, they are having one massive group photos list! Nobody wants to stand around in a line for a long time having formal group photos taken when they could be quaffing champers, munching canapés and having a good natter with a mate they haven’t seen in a few years. I have photographed weddings where couples have given me lists of 25 various group combinations, and seen them wilt and give up half way through! I advise to keep to a limit of around 10 group photo combinations to keep things simple and stress free.

Mums, Nans and various family members might all want a say or a certain picture they want, so it’s important to manage expectations when you write up your groups list – the more photos you add to it, the less time I can spend shooting candids of your everyone having fun, the venue decor, and you together as a couple. Adding further impromptu group photos on the wedding day will eat into your time spent with guests. It’s best to write a list, be firm and stick to it!

If it happens to be raining during the time allocated for group photography, we can either look at moving group photos inside, if venue space allows, or assess the weather and if it seems likely to clear up later in the day, we can move the group photos to after the wedding breakfast.

Sarah Jack 370

In terms of timings, these will always vary by wedding. I always let my couples chat and have a mingle before starting group photos, however if you are having a big group photo of all guests (weather and space permitting) it’s usually best to do this as soon as possible, before people wander off, check into hotel rooms, etc!

Oxford wedding photography Sarah Ann Wright_0046

Because I don’t know anyone in your wedding party, I require a couple of “helpers” to round people in the group photos lists up for me. Usually this is tasked to the bridal party, but can be anyone who is able to recognise people in both sides of the family. It’s a great job for shouty people! I highly advise two or more people for this job to expedite rounding guests up – having just one person round everyone up will take far longer, especially if there’s a lot of guests for them to find!

It’s also a great idea to let those who feature in your groups photos know beforehand that they’ll be required.

To help you plan how much time to allocate to group photography in your wedding timetable, a rough guide of timings is below. Allowing 30 – 40 minutes for up to 10 group photos is usually adequate with good helpers.

  •  small (up to 8 people) group photos take approximately 3 minutes per group
  •  medium (up to 15 people) group photos take approximately 5 minutes per group
  •  large group (15 people +) photos take approximately 10-15 minutes per group

I always like to start with family photos and finish with bridal party, so we can get a few extra fun photos with bridesmaids and groomsmen, or move to a different location for these for some variety.

caswell house wedding photography groomsmen together

Wycombe Abbey wedding photography bride and bridesmaids

Gaynes park relaxed rustic wedding bridesmaids and groomsmen


The Big day – couples session

One of my favourite bits of the day! You’ve just gotten married, and now is the time to just hang out with each other and let it sink in! I usually ask for a minimum time allowance of 30 minutes for couples photos (although longer is fab, too!). Some couples choose to split their couples session into two –  one during drinks reception and one later on in the evening, something I often encourage during summer weddings because of softer, lovelier evening light.

If you’ve got a funky venue, it can be great fun to have some portraits taken in or around it, like Emma and Josh below – we totally had to get that moose head in a shot!

sarah ann wright indoors wedding photo

The same goes for your ceremony venue, if it looks fabulous inside we can always nip back in after the ceremony once it’s cleared to get a few shots. Amy and Oliver loved this marble chapel so much – and who can blame them?! So, we headed back inside here for a few photos alone whilst all the guests were outside.

mount stuart wedding photography back of bride and from

Generally, I will take you on a walk of the ceremony and/or reception venue’s grounds, and we’ll stop and shoot portraits in any place that catches my eye. I love a good backdrop and I love good light, so I might even take you back to a place I’ve had my eye on later in the evening if the light is better then. If it is a really sunny day, I will pop you in softer, shaded light for the best portraits (keeps you cooler and less squinting!)

A lot of couples worry about rain on their wedding day, but there’s several workarounds we can do. I always say dont’t be afraid of the rain! If  there are lovely sheltered pockets in your venue, or you have a funky umbrella, we can still nip out for some fun couples photos, and I can even have a little play with my off camera flash. I always keep one eye on the weather and can track it on a funky app on my phone, so I will always come grab you if I see a non-rain window of opportunity. Otherwise, we can move the couples session to later in the evening if it looks likely to be dry then. After the wedding breakfast just before the reception, there is generally time allocated for coffee and room turnarounds, which is ideal time for a couples session without anyone missing you too much. If it’s a rainfest all day, there will always be an indoor section of the venue we can look to shoot in – you can create some beautiful atmosphere with window light or with off camera flash.

sarah ann wright wedding couple portrait

I usually start off with a simple posed “Mum” shot – basically the one your Mum is going to want on her wall! Then we move on to more natural work, concentrating on you interacting with each other as newlyweds, rather than focusing on me. I mostly do simple, light posing – asking you to hold hands, hug a certain way or kiss. If you’ve had an engagement shoot with me then you’ll already know how I work.

caswell house wedding photography bride and groom on bridge

I like my couples to have some time alone together – as the day is so busy, the couples session really is one of the few times it will be just the two of you, so I vary between shooting far from you as well as closer. It’s where my super mega zoom lens comes in, which everyone seems to think looks hilarious dangling off me as it’s so big! But it does the job brilliantly, and will really help you feel at ease on the day.

The Rectory Hotel Crudwell wedding photography sarah ann wright 144

This time of the day is totally up to you and we can shoot however you want, so don’t be afraid to suggest your favourite parts of the venue or bring any fun props you’d like to share. I’m all about the funtimes! I love fun poses too – Rebecca and Johannes were so up for getting on these pillars and it looks awesome!

sarah ann wright oxford wedding couple

If you’ve hired something special for the day like a vintage bus, it’s a great idea to have some portraits with it and we can build this into your couples session time – Anna and Paul hopped on this bus just after all the guests left for a mini portrait session.

sarah ann wright wedding couple vintage bus

Evening light is always beautiful in summer so I will often come grab you for a few more portraits during lovely golden hour, or even a sunset if we’re lucky.

sarah ann wright wedding couple sunset

I love a bit of night time off camera flash, so if you’re up for it, we can really have a play with pictures after dark, during the evening reception.

Cooling Castle barn wedding photography sarah ann wright 120


 The Big Day – drinks reception, wedding breakfast & evening reception

After the ceremony and during the daytime drinks reception we’ll be covering the family and bridal party group photos, plus couples photos. Because you’ve hired me as a documentary photographer, I also use this time to shoot candid photos of guests chatting, having fun and playing games, if you’ve set them up.

oxfordshire wedding photography sarah ann wright 082

I’ll also take some time to photograph the decoration of the venue itself before the guests go in there for the wedding breakfast, so it’s nice and empty. Couples put a lot of time and effort into their wedding details so I like to make sure they have some good images of all their hard work. I generally slip these bits in between the group photography section and your couples session, which means you have some breather time in between them to have a drink and hang out with guests.

The Rectory Hotel Crudwell table details

During the wedding breakfast itself I will take an hour’s break to rest, recharge my batteries and get something to eat. At this time I will also photograph details like bouquets or rings. I don’t shoot formal portraits of guests at tables during the breakfast – for one thing it’s often an awkward position for them all to shift into round the table (and gets in the way of the waiting staff) and it doesn’t work with my documentary style – I like to capture them having fun!

Down Hall hotel wedding photography sarah ann wright 066

I always ask to be provided in my final questionnaire with times of wedding speeches as well as when they will happen in the course of the dinner (before, in between courses, after dessert, etc) so I can make sure I’m present and back in the room before they begin. Speeches are great fun to photograph – totally candid and there are often some cracking ones (and hilarious guests reactions to photograph).

Down Hall hotel wedding photography speech quiz

If your wedding is in summer, and I see some funky light happening outside, I’ll often come and see if you’d like a few more couple photos together outside. Sunsets and golden hours can make for some really gorgeous photos, but once it gets dark, we can also play with off camera flash too.

Wycombe Abbey wedding photography bride and groom at golden hour

After the wedding breakfast I’m with you until the evening reception finish time in the questionnaire (generally about 30 minutes after the first dance). Aside from big evening reception moments like first dance and cake cutting, I will use this time to capture more candids of guests having fun, and possibly more couples portraits if you’re up for it.  There is space in your online questionnaire to notify me of the times of evening features like first dance, cake cutting, bouquet toss, additional items hired for the evening (such as sweetie cart) so I make sure I’m in the right place at the right time to capture those and you can let me know if there are any additional guest portraits you might like during this time too.

I like to stay around half an hour after the first dance because I just love dancing shots – they are often hilarious as people let themselves go for the evening! Each wedding is different and so dancing shots can vary – sometimes guests prefer to have a chat rather than get dancing straight away, but generally if you’ve got a great band or DJ, you’re bound to get some epic moves!

Bodleian library wedding bride and groom in glitter helmets

Don’t worry if things overrun in the evening, you can have me stay longer for an extra £60 per hour – I won’t make like Cinderella and vanish on the dot, I will always let you know when I’m leaving for a goodbye hug!

mount stuart wedding photography fun ceilidh


After the wedding

I’ll send you a couple of photos a week after the wedding so you can use them for thank you cards, or just to relive some awesome moments til you receive the full set. It’s important to note that in peak wedding season (May – September) delivery of finished wedding photos will take up to six weeks, as I’m constantly shooting as well as editing weddings. I take a lot of pride in my editing so I will never compromise your images by rushing them.

All clients receive a personalised engraved USB in wooden box with edited images and an online gallery to share with family and friends. The number of images depends on whether you have booked a full day (500) or half day (300). I will contact you after your wedding to ask you about the engraving design for your USB box – I can design one based on certain designs or fonts that may have been on your wedding invitation, or I can design one from scratch.  Either way, I will send you the design for approval before I send it off to the engravers.

oxfordshire wedding photography sarah ann wright 061

Image delivery

Around four to six weeks after your wedding (depending on season) I’ll email you with login details for your finished wedding photo gallery. This gallery is private and password protected, so only you can decide who you want to see it. You can let me know if there are any images you would like me to remove before you give the password to family and friends to view, and they will also be able to order their own prints and have them delivered directly from the gallery, which means you don’t need to give your USB to anyone. Low res images can be downloaded from the gallery at any time. Once you’ve viewed your gallery, I will parcel up your lovely USB, plus a few more surprise treats (because surprises in the post are always fun) and send it to you recorded delivery.

Your USB will contain high resolution printable images as well as a lower resolution set for sharing on sites like Facebook. I highly recommend that you copy and store your images in a few different places, as data storage can degrade over time. Storing your image folder on a couple of hard drives like computer and external, and online cloud based solutions like Amazon Web Services, Photobucket, or even a private Flickr account is a great idea. Feel free to ask me how you can set these up as I have an Amazon storage and Flickr account myself – online storage is extremely cheap these days – I would estimate it would cost you no more that £2 a month.

Your gallery will stay online for a minimum of a year, which is why I always stress the importance of backing up your images.

Stay in touch!

Please don’t think that once the big day is over and the images have been delivered, that’s it! I love hearing from my couples all the time –  whether you’re having a baby, moving house, got a new cat, or whatever you’re getting up to in life. Stay in contact, find me on Facebook and say hello! I love, love, love the idea of after the wedding shoots – getting dressed up again in your wedding finest and going out somewhere for an informal couple session! If this is something you’d be interested in, please do let me know. As I would like to build up my portfolio for that side of things, I’ll be taking on a select few free of charge shoots like this. You can view a sample one from an awesome wedding I did in Scotland here, and below.

sle of bute wedding photography bride and groom at scalpsie bay