Engagement photography is fab because it will give you a taste of how I will work with you as a couple, not to mention getting lots of fun and natural pictures of you together. Engagement shoots come as part of my full day package, or can be purchased separately.  

They are not restricted in location, I always aim to shoot somewhere that's personal to you as a couple - I've shot them everywere from in restraurants to under the Olympic rings, though I do charge an additional fee if the location is more than an hour's travel from London. 

Engagement shoots usually last an hour and we'll spend the time having a chat and a wander with some informal shooting. There is always the option to finish at the pub or with tea and cake! You'll find some examples of recent engagement shoots below.

I've written up a useful engagement photography guide to give you a feel of how my shoots work, and what we do on them - you can check it out here.