Ye Olde Plough House wedding – Vick & Rob

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Ye Olde Plough House wedding – Vick and Rob’s rustic Autumn wedding in Brentwood.

Vick and Rob were super lucky with the autumn weather providing some gorgeous sun and vibrant autumn colours on their wedding day! They were married in a local church in Brentwood with their reception in the rustic old Plough House in the village of Bulphan for their laid back reception. I met Vick for the final touches of her getting ready with the help of her parents and sister – her Dad’s reaction to seeing her in her dress for the first time was really something special, and I love being able to share those moments with couples.

They had a beautiful and simple church ceremony, where they were turned and presented to the congregation as man and wife – I’d not seen that before in a ceremony and thought it was a really lovely gesture. After some enthusiastic confetti thrown and pictures with a very well-decorated Nan, they headed off in a cool white taxi over to the Plough House. The grounds at Ye Olde Plough House are really beautiful in the autumn sun, and I took Vick and Rob off for a few portraits around the rustic old columns in the gardens, catching a wee bit of golden hour at the end as well. After speeches and face timing of absent family members, Vick and Rob kicked off the evening not just with a first dance (to Green Day – one of my fave bands ever!!)  but by dancing with their parents as well.

Picture taking aside, one of my favourite things about being a wedding photographer is meeting new people. I’m really happy to have met and spent time and had fun with Vick and Rob not only on their wedding day but their engagement shoot as well. Being both Green Day and huge Lush fans, it’s been wonderful to stay in touch and call these guys my friends. I got engaged myself not long after their wedding and they sent me the most incredible biscuits! So thanks to Vick and Rob, not just for having me at their wedding, but for staying in touch long after it.

Ye Olde Plough House wedding bride and groom under archway



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  1. Sarah

    They’re so beautiful Sarah-Anne, you’ve done an amazing job! I know they adore them.
    So pleased they chose you!
    Sarah xx


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