Summer evening engagement shoot – Natalie & Tom

Summer evening engagement shoot  – Natalie and Tom in north London. OK so the title of this blog post is probably a bit of a lie, as we actually managed to catch this glorious evening sunlight right at the end of blossom season at the tail end of April, but just... read more

Harry Potter engagement shoot – Julia and Paul in the Forbidden Forest

Harry Potter engagement shoot – a twilight journey through the Forbidden Forest. Julia and Paul are having a Harry Potter magical themed wedding, so it seemed only fitting that they had an engagement shoot to match! We headed out to the “Forbidden... read more

Summer enagagement shoot Trent park – Annalise and Tom

Summer enagagement shoot Trent park – Annalise and Tom’s evening engagement shoot. This engagement shoot was done in the height of the 2018 summer heatwave, so I suggested it will be both cooler and with much better light, if we shot during the evening... read more

Gothic engagement shoot – Lisa & Jair

Gothic engagement shoot – Lisa and Jair’s dark engagement shoot. Lisa and Jair are incredibly stylish (Lisa works in fashion so is to be expected!) so I was super excited when they booked me for their pastel goth wedding at Islington Metalworks. I really... read more

Fun Brighton engagement shoot – Judith & Steve

Fun Brighton engagement shoot – Judith and Steve’s summer shoot on the beach and pier. We really got lucky with the weather for this shoot! It was warm and sunny all day, so perfect for spending time on the beach. Judith and Steve are a really fun and laid... read more

Engagement shoot with cat – James & Philippa’s backyard shoot

Engagement shoot with cat – Philippa and James’ engagement shoot in their own back garden. Dreams do come true!! I have always wanted to shoot an engagement shoot or wedding with a cat – if you follow me on insta or have seen my about... read more

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