Summer enagagement shoot Trent park – Annalise and Tom

Summer enagagement shoot Trent park – Annalise and Tom’s evening engagement shoot.

This engagement shoot was done in the height of the 2018 summer heatwave, so I suggested it will be both cooler and with much better light, if we shot during the evening golden hour at Trent Park. Annalise and Tom were only too happy to agree, and we ended up with some stunning light in the wild meadows! I love shooting (and walking) in Trent Park – because it’s right on the outer edge of north London, I find it’s a much quieter place to shoot in, especially on weekdays and most of my couples prefer a little privacy whilst still getting used to the camera. Trent park is also bloody massive, so there’s lakes, moats, meadows and woodlands to explore – I’ve previously done an engagement shoot here with Rachel, Steven and Bonnie the dog, so I’m always happy for my couples to bring furry friends on to their shoots!

The golden hour we caught this evening was stunning, and as with all my couples, I had a lovely time with Annalise and Tom talking through their wedding and hearing their plans coming together as we wandered through the trees and butterfly meadow.



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