I really do LOVE a London pub wedding! So much so, I had of my own (at the lovely Oyster Shed, if you’re interested)! Pub weddings are perfect for couples who want a laid back and fun day. London pubs are super funky, often need very little decoration and guests can easily relax and chill. There’s no formalities in a pub! Whilst most couples have a wedding ceremony elsewhere and then head to the pub for their reception, there are now a few London pubs that are licensed for wedding ceremonies as well, such as The Trafalgar Tavern and Prince Albert. I think this will become an increasingly popular option in time, given that less time travelling between venues means more time hanging out with guests! Pubs can also be cheaper venue options, some may have venue hire fees only, or minimum spends – if they are usually closed at weekends, you can sometimes nab a bargain.

I really enjoy shooting a London pub wedding! There’s always such great atmosphere and each pub has it’s own little personality. I’ve shot a fair few pub weddings all over London, if you want to take a peek at some, just check out the posts on this page – I also popped up some handy tips to consider when booking your London pub wedding venue too, I hope they are helpful.

And of course, if you like what you see – get in touch for a chat, I’d love to hear about your pub wedding plans!



  • Check if you can hire the whole pub, or if it’s one room only. I have photographed weddings where couples have either hired the entire pub, or several rooms / a floor for their wedding. It’s nice to have that flowing extra space, and guests like to have a wander round – there’s more spaces to sit and have a chat, or a chance for them to get away from loud music if they want. You can also use extra rooms for things like photo booths, sweetie tables or guest books – just be sure to alert guests to their whereabouts, a mention in the speeches or signs on the walls helps!


  • Have a wet weather plan – this one kind of relates to the above. On a lovely day everyone will want to be in a beer garden outside, but will you have enough room if it rains? This is where having the whole pub or several rooms is ideal, as you’ll have extra space should guests all want to stay indoors. Extra rooms have been invaluable to me as a photographer if is raining all day – I have shot entire group photos and couples sessions inside pubs without ever going outside!


  • Ask the manager about security. You want to make sure total randoms aren’t wandering in off the street to join your wedding reception! Check with the pub what security measures they have in place – do they provide someone on the door, lock main doors, or do you need to provide your own hired security person?


  • Ask them about decoration options. Some pubs require very little decoration to look awesome, if they usually have little pots of flowers on tables or little decorative things dotted about, it’s worth asking them if you can use them for your wedding to save having to provide your own. If you are providing your own decorations, find out ahead of time if you need to decorate on morning of your wedding, or if they will do it for you (or perhaps hire on the day co-ordination, such as Devine Bride)


 London pub wedding photography….

Wandsworth pub wedding – Lee & Bojan

Wandsworth pub wedding – Lee & Bojan

Wandsworth pub wedding - Lee and Bojan's rainy but fun London pub wedding! It rained SO MUCH on this day! Literally one of those days where the rain is a non-stop constant, it doesn't even move. Not that Lee and Bojan let it bother them! Although we had originally...

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Fun London Wedding bowling – Rachel and Davide

Fun London Wedding bowling – Rachel and Davide

Fun London wedding bowling - Rachel and Davide's awesome wedding in Islington. This wedding is the literal definition of a fun London wedding! I met with Rachel and Davide ahead of their intimate ceremony in the council chambers at Islington town hall - one of my fave...

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